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Account and subscription

I have subscribed and paid to Session but my status is free

I have Setapp and my iOS says that I'm still free

Is there any student discount?

I want to delete my account


Session doesn't sync between devices

Stopping Session on Mac doesn't automatically stop Session on iOS devices


I didn't get notification when Session has ended!

There's no sound notification when Session has ended!

I kept getting notifications on my iOS devices!


My calendars didn't show on Session Calendar

Session events didn't show on Apple Calendar

Can I see my Sessions on Google Calendar


How can I delete a category?

Why can't I archive "No category"

Website Blocker (macOS)

The website blocker doesn't work

It doesn't work on browsers like Firefox, Arc

AppleScript (macOS)

How can I set do not disturb mode when session started and ended?

My AppleScript doesn't trigger


My Session menubar disappear even when the app is open

I have stage manager turned on. Session window behavior is weird.

Apple Shortcut (Monterey+ and iOS 14+)

How can I integrate Shortcut with Session

How do I get intention, category, notes, etc when Shortcut is ran?

How can I automatically disable notification on all devices?

I kept getting "Count not find the shortcut 'error_name'

Apple Shortcut doesn't run on Monterey!

Apple Shortcut doesn't run on iOS when my app is not active


Widget is not shown on Widget List