Export Session data to CSV or JSON

Philip Young

With Session, it's possible to export your data in CSV or JSON format.

1. CSV fields

  • Name: Session intention
  • Category: Session category
  • Type: fullFocus, partialFocus, pause, rest, or endEarly
  • Duration (in seconds): Duration in seconds
  • Pauses (in seconds): Pause in seconds
  • Duration (in minutes): Duration in minutes
  • Pauses (in minutes): Pause in minutes
  • Start date: Start date
  • End date: End date
  • Notes: Session notes

2. JSON fields

  • title: Session intention
  • type: fullFocus, partialFocus, pause, rest, or endEarly
  • category:
    • id: Category ID
    • title: Category title
    • status: active | archived
    • hex_color: Color of the category
  • durationSecond: Session duration in seconds
  • pauseSecond: Session pause in seconds
  • startDate: Start date
  • endDate: End date
  • notes: Session notes
  • meta: pauses with start date and end date if exists

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